Functional Medicine


Functional Medicine: A holistic treatment mechanism

Functional Medicine is a leading approach in healthcare for disease prevention and management. This patient-centered method aims to uncover the root causes of diseases. In the pursuit of holistic care, this is rapidly becoming a formidable alternative to traditional Western medicine, catering to practices of all sizes.

This approach offers a deeper understanding of chronic diseases, recognizing how causes and symptoms vary from person to person. While still relatively new, research highlights its positive impact, emphasizing fewer adverse effects and improved acute and chronic disease management.

Why does Functional Medicine differ from Conventional Medicine?

  • Functional medicine treats the root cause of the generating symptom. On the other side, conventional medicine recognizes an illness by analyzing symptoms.
  • The focus of this kind of medication is on holistic treatment through lifestyle management, rather than relying on medication and conventional methods. Whereas conventional medicine relies completely on medication which may lead to unnecessary side effects of the medicines and ongoing health issues.
  • It uses a patient-centered approach while conventional medicine follows a symptom-centered approach.

Benefits of Telehealth Functional Medicine:

Reduces Barriers to Care:

Say goodbye to commute hassles and appointment cancellations. Prefer this Telehealth option that lets you connect with the experts from home, ensuring consistent appointments.

Allows Time for High-Quality Care:

Telehealth eliminates waiting times, offering dedicated one-on-one sessions for focused, high-quality care.

Expands the Reach of Holistic Care:

Telehealth services transcend geographic boundaries, reaching patients in remote areas and those with mobility challenges. From the convenience of your home, get natural remedies for common ailments from the experts

Resolution of Multiple Health Issues with Functional Medicine:

We have been seasoned providers of Telemedicine, ensuring you get the care you need conveniently and safely. Our practitioners give tips on holistic approaches to health and wellness. This personalized approach focuses on the treatment of complex health issues like arthritis, adrenal disorders, digestive disorders, autoimmune diseases, and more.

Reasons for Choosing Our Functional Medicine Treatment:

Convenient care 24*7:

We promises our patient to provide them with convenient health care with our trained staff.

Expert Practitioners:

The time to prioritize your health is now with our supporting and skilled team. Our experts address your healthcare needs via telemedicine.

Patient-centered care:

Based on the assessment of your lifestyle and medical history, we make a proper treatment plan.

Types of Functional Medicine

Nutritional Therapy:

Utilizes personalized nutrition plans to address health issues, promoting optimal wellness by ensuring individuals receive essential nutrients needed for their unique biochemistry, supporting overall health and vitality.

Plant-based Medicine:

Harnesses the healing properties of plants for health benefits. These herbal remedies are customized to address specific conditions, utilizing natural compounds to support the healing processes of the body.

Mind-Body Medicine:

This medication emphasizes the link between mental and physical well-being. It uses practices such as meditation, mindfulness, and relaxation to enhance overall health and address health concerns related to stress.

Detoxification Support:

Assists the body in eliminating toxins through targeted interventions, supporting liver function, and promoting the removal of harmful substances. This can contribute to improved health and vitality.

Hormone Balancing:

Addresses imbalances in hormones, optimizing the endocrine system's function. Personalized plans may include lifestyle changes, nutritional support, and, if necessary, bio-identical hormone therapy for overall hormonal well-being.

Functional Testing and Diagnostics:

Utilizes advanced diagnostic tests to identify underlying imbalances and root causes of health issues. These tests guide personalized treatment plans, allowing for targeted interventions and optimal health outcomes.



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Preventive Medicine & Travel - Frequently Asked Questions

It benefits patients with chronic conditions, including adrenal disorders, Alzheimer's disease, and dementia.

Patients often start feeling better within a few months. But significant improvement may take up to 6 months or more.

According to the report presented by the Center for Functional Medicine in 2019, the global physical health of approximately 30-40% has increased up to 5 points. It also enhances the health of primary care patients by more than 5 points.

The diet should be rich in vitamins and minerals. It consists of whole food, fruits, vegetables, etc. Avoid food with added sugars. Alcohol consumption is also strictly prohibited,