Occupational Health


Maintain your Employee Wellness at Workplaces with Occupational Health Services

The objective of an Occupational Health program is to maintain the health of an employee by creating a safe work environment for them. In brief, this is a modern way to provide remote medical care for workers who get injured on the job. Considering its importance in people’s welfare, we have joined this mission. We, at TrustyHealthy are reckoned to provide virtual occupational medicine to help with diagnosing and treating work-related injuries and sickness in certain provinces of the USA.

Importance of Occupational Health and Safety Services:

It divided into three parts i.e., Occupational Health, Occupational Safety, and Industrial Hygiene. As it focuses on reducing unsafe conditions at workplaces by mitigating hazards, employees can work safely without getting worried about any risk. It increases the efficiency and the work potential of the employee. In addition, the cost of healthcare and insurance premiums also get reduced to a great extent via this program.

*Note: Telemedicine includes not just video chats but also voice-only calls, real-time messaging, and asynchronous communications.

Benefits of Virtual Occupational Health Services:
The five major benefits or principles of this employee wellness program are anticipation, identification, and evaluation of risks, evaluation of results, and risk control. Understand it better with these pointers:
  • You can see a doctor even if it is not regular office hours, which is great for those who work late shifts.
  • Telemedicine employee health services are convenient, especially for people who live far from medical facilities in rural areas.
  • Provide a quick and accurate medical consultation without spending a lot of time at a clinic.
  • You can reach a doctor 24/7, so you don’t have to leave voicemail messages and wait for a callback.
Employers and occupational healthcare clinics also benefit from telemedicine:
  • They don’t have to send employees with minor injuries to urgent care facilities.
  • Less invasive treatments can be used, which can be managed from a distance, avoiding unnecessary tests and reducing costs.
  • Fewer people go to the hospital for minor issues, so doctors can focus on real emergencies.
  • Costs per visit can be reduced significantly.

So, if you want to get started with telehealth occupational therapy, then it is time to connect with us.

How can we help you with Occupational Medicine?

We have expertise in delivering comprehensive occupational medicine services. This includes:

  • Taking care of injured workers,
  • Incident reporting,
  • Conducting drug screenings,
  • Performing dot physicals,
  • Risk Assessments,
  • Assessing fitness for duty, and
  • Offering respiratory and audiology evaluations, along with various other occupational health examinations.

Types of Occupational Health Services

Preventive Health Programs

Initiate health promotion and preventive programs focusing on vaccinations, health screenings, and lifestyle interventions to maintain and enhance overall employee well-being.

Occupational Injury Care

Provide immediate care for work-related injuries, ensuring prompt and effective treatment, rehabilitation, and support for a safe and efficient return to work.

Ergonomic Assessments

Conduct ergonomic evaluations to optimize workplace design, reducing the risk of musculoskeletal issues and enhancing employee comfort and productivity.

Workplace Health Surveillance

Implement ongoing health monitoring to identify and manage workplace-related health risks, including regular health checks, exposure monitoring, and early intervention strategies.

Mental Health Support

Offer mental health services, including counseling, stress management programs, and mental health awareness initiatives, fostering a psychologically healthy work environment.

Occupational Rehabilitation

Facilitate rehabilitation programs for employees recovering from illnesses, ensuring a phased and sustainable return to work with appropriate support and accommodations.

Health surveillance and prevention

Ongoing checks can prevent health problems occurring and ensure that your employees are safe and able to work in their current or future role. We can deliver a cost effective health surveillance programme for your business and ensure that we only test those who may be at risk. Employees who are exposed to noise or vibration, ionising radiation, solvents, fumes, dusts, biological agents and other substances hazardous to health may be required to be checked by law. Examples of the types of health surveillance we can provide includ
  • Hearing testing
  • Vision testing
  • Hand and arm vibration
  • Lung function testing
  • Driver medical exam (e.g. HGV, counterbalance and others)
  • Alcohol/drug testing


Receive your excellent medical care provided and/or supervised by our qualified physician?

Occupational Health - Frequently Asked Questions

Injured employees can connect with a doctor by phone or online via a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Local medical facilities are involved if clinical care is necessary.

Yes, it is completely secure. The companies follow all the required security norms for the protection of patient data. They use software that adheres to HIPAA compliance. This is to protect patient privacy. Whether it's the content of conversations between doctors and patients or the sharing of electronic medical records, your data is secure.

Convenient access to medical care without travel or work disruptions, flexible scheduling for online consultations, and fast support with same-day appointments and access to previous medical records.

Improved productivity as employees spend less time traveling for in-office visits, and better communication among all stakeholders involved in the employee's care.

Absence Management helps in reducing the time employees are not present at their workplaces due to health issues. Regular absence affects work productivity. To create a healthy work environment for your employees, you need to focus on Occupational Telemedicine.