Independent Medical Evaluations (IME)

We provide independent evaluation and professional report of your level of disability from a past work injury, for disability determination by the VA, SSD, or any other type of personal injury.

Functional Medicine

My program guides you to understand the root cause of your chronic disease and take back your health using effective nutritional protocols and natural remedies. I help you uncover and address hidden barriers, which may include food addiction and emotional eating, etc.

Occupational Health

We also specialize in providing solid Occupational Medicine services, which include the treatment for injured workers, Fitness for Duty, Pre-employment Physicals, as well as other occupational health exams, etc.

Online Wellness Labs

Convenient online testing available for your basic metabolic panels and other biomarkers that are used to monitor your wellness. Also do Hormone Panels, Genetics Profile for possible nutrient deficiencies, Parasites, Tick borne illnesses, etc.

Food Addiction Detox

An important aspect of my nutritional program is focused on Detoxification, which helps to reset your body from any unrelenting hold of food addiction. We also introduce you to concepts of mindful eating and better stress management strategies.

STD Testing & Treatment

If you have concerns regarding Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) exposure or have symptoms of STD or BV, etc., we can order lab tests for you and provide treatments, if needed.



Schedule your TeleHealth appointment as soon as possible. Existing patients may also access the Patient Portal.



Upper Respiratory Infections

We offer convenient solutions for upper respiratory infections. Through virtual consultations, patients can obtain timely guidance on treating their condition from remote locations.

Flu-like Symptoms

When flu-like symptoms strike, we provide a swift treatment method. Virtual visits enable a complete evaluation of symptoms, enabling timely treatment recommendations.

COVID Home Testing

Our telehealth services extend support during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic by offering at-home testing options. Patients can access guidance for further testing based on their COVID status.

STD Testing and Treatment

Ensuring privacy and convenience, we enable individuals to address concerns related to STDs. Patients can consult with healthcare professionals for appropriate treatment plans.

Sinus Infection

Our telehealth platform connects patients with specialists who can assess symptoms, and offer personalized advice on managing sinus infections via virtual consultations.

Sore throat

Combatting a sore throat is made easier through our telehealth services. Patients can receive prompt attention from our healthcare professionals to recommend suitable treatments.

Specialist Referral

Our telehealth services go beyond primary care. If specialized care is needed, referrals to relevant specialists can be arranged, ensuring a comprehensive approach to healthcare.

Blood Tests

Patients can consult with us to order necessary blood tests and coordinate with local labs. This streamlined process enhances accessibility and expedites the diagnostic phase.

Medication Refill

At our telehealth platform, patients can request medication refills through virtual consultations. Our specialists can review their medication history, and authorize necessary refills.

Urinary Tract Infections

Our telehealth services enable patients to seek prompt attention to managing symptoms. Healthcare professionals can assess the situation, to offer advice on self-care measures.

Upset Stomach

For individuals experiencing an upset stomach, we provide a convenient option. Patients can receive recommendations for over-the-counter remedies or prescription medications.

Minor Injuries

Addressing minor injuries is made simple with our telehealth services. Patients can connect with our specialists virtually to determine whether further medical attention is required.