Generators - Warranty
Outback Power components have a 5 Year Manufacturer’s warranty full terms and conditions can be seen here http://www.outbackpower.com/outback-resources/outback-warranty/statement Solar Modules, We supply solar modules from various manufacturer’s however unless stated otherwise the modules will carry a 10 year warranty against defect in manufacture with a further 15 years to 95% of output efficiency ( please see the specific warranty for your particular module on the relevant manufacturer’s website. All other Solar components and equipments carry manufacturer’s warranty,, with full terms and conditions available from the brand website or Solar Sky on request. All generators carry a 12 month or 500 hours limited warranty whichever comes firsts All Solar products sold by Solar Sky Spain SL are covered by a manufacturer’swarranty as standard. If it is found that a part is defective, the defective part will be supplied free of charge during the warranty period. Wherein Solar Sky assess that parts are covered under the warranty, Solar Sky, will take reasonable endeavor to supply a replacement within 28 days subject to parts availability, but time is not of the essence. Solar Sky may request for the defective part to be sent back to Solar Sky at the customer’s cost for inspection before replacement parts are supplied. It will be the customer’s responsibility and own risk to ensure that replacement parts are fitted correctly and the costs of fitting such parts will be entirely at the customer’s expense. This warranty does not cover parts/products affected by damage caused by neglect, poor maintenance or repair, abnormal use, abuse or problems as a result from improper use, depreciation, use of unsuitable attachments, ordinary wear and tear, rust, corrosion, inadequate transportation, accident or servicing by un-authorized personnel. Parts such as filters, belts, gaskets, fuses, brushes, fuel injection nozzles, lubricant, protective coatings, thermostats, spark plugs, casings, battery and other consumable parts are not covered by this warranty. All expenses including labour incurred in replacing consumable parts not covered by this warranty will be charged to the customer.. This warranty will be invalidated if the customer fails to follow the maintenance schedule outlined in the owner’s manual and/or advice given by Solar Sky and/or fails to observe and follow the operational instructions and guidance in the owner’s manual/operator’s manual. If for any reason the customer does not have an owner’s manual/operator’s manual, they must request one from Solar Sky or the component manufacturer before using the unit. Once received the customer must then follow strictly the guidance and advice of the owner’s manual/operator’s manual before any attempt to operate the generator or Solar System installed or other equipment supplied or installed. Guarantee excludes damage caused by misuse, failure to operate within manufacturer instructions and maintenance requirements, User error or abnormal operating conditions including extreme weather conditions including flood, lightning strike and high winds. If the customer wishes to send the component back to Solar Sky, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the safe return of their product to Solar Sky and at the customer’s expense. Solar Sky recommends that all goods be insured in transit and all transit risk is borne by the customer. Please note that labour cost for repair is not included in this warranty and will be charged to the customer. All delivery risks and costs will be borne by the customer. Solar Sky will on request collect and deliver the unit for repair for a one off payment (please ask for more details). Should Solar Sky determine a part is not liable for replacement under the warranty, Solar Sky will advise the cost of replacement part/s. Such replacement parts will only be dispatched after payment. Should the customer request parts be replaced and fitted by Solar Sky, the customer will be liable for all labour costs, replacement part costs, travel and delivery costs and transit risk. By taking delivery of the product and any replacement parts the purchaser confirms they do so with full knowledge and understanding of the risks of operating and repairing such parts and fully indemnifies Solar Sky. against any claims resulting from accidents, injuries, losses, or death relating to the use of the equipment or fitment of a replacement part. The customer is responsible for using approved engineers, for determining the failing component or part, and removing and repairing all defective parts. The purchaser undertakes to have read and understood the safety rules and advice offered in the owner’s manual/operator’s manual provided before use and hereby takes full responsibility for the utilization of the product, entirely at their own risk. The purchaser undertakes to ensure adequate personal safety equipment is worn when using or working on the equipment. Where the manufacturer or his representative in Spain offers a warranty, the manufacturer’s terms and conditions including the warranty will apply in preference to the Solar Sky warranty conditions. Solar Sky* will assist where possible with resolving guarantee issues with manufacturer’s or their registered suppliers in Spain by offering telephone support and proof of purchase documents All expenses including labour incurred in replacing parts not covered by this warranty will be charged to the customer.. Generator warranties are for 12 months parts only or 500 hours parts only whichever comes first. If the purchaser is unwilling to accept the above conditions the warranty replacement product must be returned, unused, at the purchaser’s own expense, to Solar Sky Spain. within 14 Days of receipt. All goods sold are subject to a back to base warranty condition, in effect the purchaser must return the faulty item for repair or replacement to Solar Sky SL Workshops at no cost to Solar Sky. Solar Sky Spain. reserves the right to apply an administrative charge and restocking fee of 20% to all refunds. Delivery charges are none refundable. Solar Sky Spain. reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time. These terms and conditions do not affect a customer’s statutory rights Manufacturer’s overriding warranty applies on the following items supplied by us. ( Please see manufacturer’s Website for detail of terms and conditions) 1. TYS/Hawker batteries AKUVAL , 2 years direct exchange on acceptance by supplier. 2. Rolls Batteries Series 4000 3 years plus 4 years pro rata . Series 5000 3years plus 7 years pro rata 3. Genergy Generators(12 Months or 500 hours whichever comes first) 4. Himoinsa generators. (12 Months or 500 hours whichever comes first) 5. Kipor or other 3000RPM Air cooled Series of Generators – Sold with limited parts warranty only, Labour chargeable 6. Outback Inverters VFX series and Solar Power components (5 Years limited warranty) 7. Xantrex Inverters and charge regulator ( 2 Years Limited Product warranty) 8. All other makes and brands as stated in manufacturer’s manuals or handbooks. The manufacturer’s warranty stands in preference to any verbal or written warranty made by Solar sky. For absolute clarity the manufacturer Warranty is to be taken in preference if there is any issue of understanding.