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Core Services



TeleHealth Services

We provide quick medical solutions to common minor medical problems such as coughs & colds, allergies, sinusitis, urinary tract infections, stomach upsets, etc. We can either send a prescription, or help direct you to effective over-the-counter medications/treatments.

Select Primary Care

Limited primary care services can be provided, with select chronic disease management, such as Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, Diabetes Mellitus, etc., while encouraging regular follow ups with your Specialists.

Walk-In Clinic

Our clinic will be open in the near future for Walk-in visits and in-person evaluations to help provide medical solutions with physical examinations and point-of-care testing, i.e. COVID, Flu, Strep., Urinalysis, etc. We look forward to meeting you all face-to-face!

Preventive Medicine & Travel

We will provide consultation needed for age-appropriate preventive screenings and vaccinations for adults e.g. Tetanus, Shingles, etc.; as well as testing and vaccinations needed for travel to various endemic regions.

Occupational Health

We also specialize in providing solid Occupational Medicine services, which include the treatment for injured workers, drug screens, DOT Physicals, Fitness for Duty, Respiratory and Audiology evaluations, as well as other occupational health exams, etc.


We also hope to provide in-home care to some qualified elderly patients and patients with disability, as approved by their insurance. In addition to TeleHealth services, extending in-home care to the most vulnerable population will help improve their accessibility to quality health care.

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Quick Solutions for these & more

We Can Resolve w/ Telehealth

Upper Respiratory Infections

Although there's no cure for the Common Cold, we can help point you to effective OTC treatments or prescribe medications to help ease your symptoms, if needed.


We will listen to your signs and symptoms to decipher a healthy approach to treatment/solution.

Urinary Tract Infections

Do you have pain with urination? We can help provide treatment, including antibiotics, if needed.

Flu-like Symptoms

Flu symptoms can get you down, but many factors can determine how to proceed with treatment or not; we can also treat you, based on exposure, if needed.

Sinus Congestion

If you're prone to Allergies or Sinus Congestions, we will help you get through, with proper solution for either chronic or acute symptoms.

Upset Stomach

Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea do not have to be debilitating; We can provide relief, or help you realize when to go to the ER.

COVID Home-Testing/Treatment

We can guide you on how to properly do your home COVID test, and provide treatment for symptomatic patients, as needed.

Sore throat

Not all sore throat is Strep, but sometimes it hurts to swallow and you can't make it to clinic for testing; We'll offer you some treatment, if needed.

Minor Injuries

If you hurt yourself at home, contact us to help you walk through treatment options from home and over-the-counter remedies.